A Love Divine

My heart’s a broken place
Seeking a state of grace
Where love survives
Wild in an urban world
Come steal my night
And make heaven mine
Say when we catch the light
We’re gonna flame so high
Only way to burn
We’re passing wonder why
To the other side
Where ever hides

A firefly you glow
Where I can only go


For every storm that breaks
Every sky that wakes
l’II be at your side
For ever and a day
Take you in every way
Feel a love divine
We hold the hand of time
Just you and I
Feel a love divine

Coz when we burn we flame
A carnival of light
Reaching for the sky
A firefly you glow
Where I can only go


So to the end we blaze
And every cloud we chase
You’re my alibi
Above the darkest sky
We found a way to fly
A love divine
I feel a love divine

Durata: 4:35