Chasing Shadows

Raining outside
It’s lashing down
Mind is driving wild
Can’t rewind
Nothing’s simple anymore
He said to me
Can we go back to before
The child appears
Hate this girl that l’ve become
Needy apparition
Wring my heart
Like a dishcloth
And l’II go


Chasing shadows
Round our bedroom
Ghosts of strangers
Could you love me again
Walk through Windows
Shattered angels
Torn out pages
Could you love me again

Waiting In the room
Of broken light
Feeling all the pain
Of a lonely night
Mirror mirror on the wall
Is this me
Who’s the saddest of them all
Aching fear
Leave this girl write in a song
Back to caterpillar
Wring my hear like a dishcloth
And I’ll go


Show me the sun after the rain
And all that’s lost will win again
Show me the sun after the rain
And all that dies will live again

Durata: 3:36