The Corrs – Live

The Corrs Live (1996)

The Corrs Live (1996)

The Corrs – Live is an album released by The Corrs in 1997 which consists of live and acoustic performances. It was released only in Japan. However, this CD was released as a bonus disc with The Corrs’ previous album, Forgiven, Not Forgotten in Australia in 1996. A different version of this album is released in Europe, with a different album cover, and track listing.




Japanese/Australian Version

  1. Runaway (live)
  2. Secret Life (live)
  3. Toss The Feathers (Instrumental)
  4. Forgiven, Not Forgotten [acoustic]
  5. The Right Time [acoustic]
  6. Rainy Day (Non LP bonus track)
  7. The Right Time [Radio Edit] [Dance Remix]

European Version

  1. Leave Me Alone (Live)
  2. The Right Time (Live)
  3. Runaway (Live)
  4. Secret Life (Live)
  5. Someday (Live)
  6. Love To Love You (Live)
  7. Toss The Feathers (Instrumental – Live)